Wellness Tools


Aura – Transform your wellbeing, sleep, and life with the Apple award-winning app for emotional health

Loona – Feel less stressed at night

Urban Yogi – Proven mindfulness techniques by top experts to feel more calm and sleep better


At Ease – A simple, drug-free way to help you focus more and worry less with patented glasses

Calm Strips – Feature a textured surface that feels like soft sand. Thoughtfully designed to help reduce fidgeting, regulate restless energy, and increase focus

Calmi Go – Adapt your breathing and naturally quiet four senses

Cove – Conquer stress, Sleep better

Cozy Cocoon – Reduce sensory overload with Cozy Cocoon

Give Back Box – Giving increases happiness. Reuse your online shipping boxes in which you received your purchases, or any other cardboard box you may have, to donate your unwanted household items

Flare Audio – A small in-ear device that reduces stress

Frequency of Love – Miracle Healing Set – The pure singular tone of 528hz creates resonance in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body that allows us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence, and our Soul

Incense Waterfall – Used to reduce stress and anxiety

Lighfbox –  LIGHFBOX 180° program helps you build mental fitness through curiosity and self-understandin

Objective: Fast Asleep – Calming GABA relaxes your mind to lull you to sleep while saffron keeps you sound asleep all night

Panda Drum – The powerful and compelling rhythm of drums can focus and still the mind, a quick path to mindfulness

The Shift – A natural tool to help you improve breathing, deal with stress and calm down

TouchPoints – Placed in pockets, socks, or on writs, gently vibrate to activate your “calm” parasympathetic nervous system 

Wholetones – Therapeutic music that has been clinically proven to improve sleep, relieve stress, calm and soothe your pet, and gain more energy for your day