Time to Recharge

The fact that I’ve been learning-from-home for the equivalent of an entire summer vacation is startling to me. Initially, it seemed I gained an abundance of extra time to whittle away at items on my to-do list, yet time somehow managed to slip away into the neverending amount of work, and my to-do list continues to grow. I have a strong “work then play” mindset, leaving little to no time for pleasurable activities during the school year. My never-ending assignments, scholarship applications, blogging, SAT prep, and school and community service commitments, often leave me feeling a sense of guilt when I deviate from focusing the list. As I reflect on the past few months, I am proud of all I have accomplished, however I see the need to focus on maintaining a stronger balance between productivity and pleasure. We all know overworking can lead to feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and unmotivated, so to avoid risking burnout, I reprioritized my to-do list. In an effort to revitalize our inspiration and creativity, and reduce the treadmill effect, we are going to spend more time on passion projects and move to bimonthly blogging.   

As I’m headed into the beginning of summer vacation, I plan to indulge in a much-needed break. I’m eager to rejuvenate by doing things I normally wouldn’t make time to do. For me, this includes strengthening my ukulele and Italian skills, learning how to knit, tackling my never-ending book and classic movie list, as well as initiating more impromptu outdoor meetups with friends. I’m realizing that taking time for myself is also productive and important work, and I look forward to a summer filled with social and recreational activities that bring me joy.