Shifting Your Thinking

I find it fascinating how many of us are resistant to change, even though we know it’s inevitable. Nothing stays the same and everything has to end eventually, but rather than viewing it as a negative, we can train ourselves to look forward to the new possibilities that can emerge from it. How else are new ideas and experiences supposed to form if we keep trying to stay stuck in our old ways? 

I continue to see on Facebook, parents stressing how bad they feel for their kids not being able to experience our societal traditions because of COVID. From graduations to Halloween, these annual events we’ve gotten used to have been halted. Now, you have a right to be disappointed, we all are, but as a parent, how is your child going to learn the power of resilience if you keep harping on what used to be and focusing on unfulfilled expectations? Kids need to be taught how to make lemonade out of lemons, not to weep over spilled milk. We could shift our mindset and choose to see this as an opportunity to create new traditions instead of mourning the loss of the old ones. COVID serves as a reminder that anything can change in an instant, and rather than fueling a victim mentality, teach children to make the best out of whatever curveballs life throws. Nothing is guaranteed in life, so the sooner we learn to embrace the new, the faster we can move on from a state of pity to a more fulfilled life.