Frightening Features of the Mind

Hi everyone! My name is Jada Samuels and I am a high school student, a college student, and a self-described student-wellness advocate. Sharing strategies for building happiness, combating anxiety, and empowering others to pursue their best self is my passion. I am a graduate of The Landmark Forum and certified in The Psychology of Wellbeing by Yale University through Coursera, and have accumulated a toolbox of strategies that have enabled me to maintain an empowered and balanced school and COVID experience.

Prior to the pandemic, the Association for Children’s Mental Health reported at least one-half of kids aged 6-17 have a mental illness, and as many as 80% of them do not receive the support they need. Now, the news is reporting Coronavirus is creating a “historic rise in mental health problems” for adults and students alike, yet schools are facing drastic budget cuts, leaving even fewer resources to support mental wellness initiatives. Anxiety is consuming many of my peers, and a lack of coping skills often leaves them feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

Students are in crisis and I am impelled to help. Throughout this school year, I have been working on creating a community impact project, called Frightening Features of the Mind, and Strategies to Reset Your Thinking. Originally it was designed to be a 90-minute in-person interactive workshop for middle-school aged students. March of 2020 was my scheduled start date but with the onset of COVID 19, I have yet to share all I have created with kids. Ironically, with many people feeling stuck, I feel this information is needed now more than ever. To address the ever-growing need for students to gain skills in balance and perspective, I have transitioned my Frightening Features of the Mind project to a digital platform. This weekly series of micro-webinars is designed for people of all ages, and will launch Sunday, May 24, 2020. In addition to learning about the scary tricks our brain plays on us, each episode will provide a strategy based on what the science says will shift our perspective, build our happiness, and improve our psychological well being. Please subscribe here to have a nugget of wisdom delivered to your inbox weekly. 

I have a strong desire to make a positive impact on our community, and I know whole-heartedly there is a need for this knowledge, so I am requesting everyone join me in my mission by liking, following, subscribing and most importantly, sharing this announcement today!

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