Change is the Only Constant

As I transition from one stage of life to another, I know there are experiences that will never occur again. The last time sleeping in my old house, my last time riding the bus to school, or my final band performance are all experiences I knew were happening for the last time. Knowing this, I intentionally savored those moments, by trying to remain more present in hopes the memories will be more vivid. However, the majority of the time, I don’t even know I’m having a final experience until long after it’s over. I’ll try to remember the last time I went bike riding with childhood friends, the last time I lost a tooth, or the last time I spent the night at my grandparents’ house, but the memories escape me because I was not intentionally present during those moments. Things you never realize will come to an end when you’re a child, suddenly disappear. 

As we know, many things changed when the nation went on lockdown back in March. The fieldhouse where my brother has played basketball for over half his lifetime ended up closing for good. We’ve spent most of our weekends over the last eight years here watching him play, noshing on the world’s best chicken fingers, and socializing with all of his teammates’ families. But because COVID hit so suddenly, I didn’t know when we were sitting at his last basketball game until it was over, and now, I can’t remember it. This reminds me not to take everyday life activities for granted because I’ll never know when it’s the last time.

Many people reminisce, yearning to relive moments in the past. They resist change, wishing life could revert back to the way it used to be. I often hear people say “I hope things go back to normal” and I wonder, “is there any going back?” When I think of the past I have many fond memories however, I don’t find myself longing to return to the way things used to be. I feel if I hyper-focus on the past, it inhibits my ability to enjoy the present. Instead of wishing I could return to going to the movies with my friends or going to school in person, I’m finding new ways to enjoy life like rollerskating at the park or meeting friends outside for ice cream. I realize life is constantly changing, so I try to savor the present and embrace the new while treasuring the past.  

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