Who Are Your Friends?

On average, only half of those we consider our friends, think of us as friends back… So who are really our friends?

What Even Are Boundaries?

Boundaries. It’s a word that seems to be continuously thrown around these days, but what exactly is it?

Supporting Summer Learning

Allow me to save you from the trouble I had when trying to support my daughter with summer learning activities. Ugh, if I could only do it over again knowing what I know now!


Fear and excitement originate from the same bunch of nerves. The difference is how you channel that energy. You see, you can choose your point of view.

Hold Your Kids Accountable

Parents, do you ever feel like your child is never going to grow out of this stage? It took me my entire childhood before I finally dropped this bad habit and learned this important lesson!

Are Your Friends Truly Friends?

One’s sense of vitality is diminished when constantly trying to appeal to the group, and self-esteem issues begin to flourish. Staying in alignment with your true self is a fundamental part of feeling at peace and leading a purposeful life.

Top 2020 Takeaways

Despite its hardships, this year presented us with new opportunities for growth. As I reflect, I have identified five positive takeaways significant to 2020.

Improvement Over Perfection

“Unless you’re using the word in reflection, predicting anyone or anything will be “perfect” is setting ourselves up for unrealistic expectations and reinforcing a fixed mindset.”

Shifting Your Thinking

Nothing is guaranteed in life, so the sooner we learn to embrace the new, the faster we can move on from a state of pity to a more fulfilled life.

Help Your Child Learn at Home

ATTENTION PARENTS: It’s time to prepare for learning from home with, “A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Children at Home”

A Tutor Isn’t Enough

Educators and tutors rarely spend enough time with students to provide adequate supported practice, so parent involvement is imperative for struggling students.

Embracing Change

Change, you can resist it or you can embrace it, but the sooner you choose to embrace it, the easier life is going to be.

Establishing Boundaries

What I find is that boundaries are often driven from upset. When someone has upset you, leaving you feeling mistreated or maybe even violated, that is an indicator there is a need for a boundary.

Episode 2: Not Me and Miswanting

Do you find yourself prioritizing money over time? Many of us are under the impression that more money leads to more happiness, but is that really true?

Noticing Life

Always remember to treasure the moments because they’re not promised to last.

Episode 1: FFoM & The Knowing-Doing Gap

Welcome to Centered Sundays and our new micro-webinar series, Frightening Features of the Mind! We’re on a mission to build our Happiness IQ and share all we learn. Subscribe to get weekly strategies to reset your thinking and share to contribute towards improving our communities’ wellbeing!


How your stuff may be holding you back.

Coronavirus Time

Does time during a quarantine feel like it’s moving faster or slower?

Combating Quarantine

Stuck at home? Even if you don’t follow a routine, it’s important to infuse these sanity strategies into your daily life.

Inner Peace

Could you benefit from strategies to quiet the voice in your head and reset your thinking?


When my grandfather was alive, we would always spend Thanksgiving together. Whether […]

Is Average Enough?

Should parents embrace mediocrity? How do you nurture above-average children?

Family Dinners

The most powerful influence throughout my lifetime has been consistent family meals […]

Knowing vs. Doing

There’s a big difference between knowing and doing, but one simple strategy easily bridges the knowing-doing gap every time.

Living for You

You can’t love others, and expect others to love you if you don’t even love yourself first.

Teaching Through Television

Television can be constructive or destructive. Try using it as a tool for teaching life lessons and as a pathway to family bonding.

Just Be

It’s important to learn to just “be.”  Be still. Be with yourself. […]

Dodging Dating

What relationship message are you sending your children?

Assume Best Intentions

I’ve realized that going through life assuming everyone is trying their best, is a happier way to live. If you automatically assume the worst in people, you become more miserable and start to believe everyone is against you.