A Parent’s Guide to Supporting Children in Learning at Home

               ***Available in Paperback & Ebook***

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Parents, this easy-to-navigate guide will quickly and easily provide you with the most highly effective instructional practices you can use when supporting your children at home. Whether you are supporting your child in a hybrid virtual learning program, full-on homeschooling, or you just want to provide extra support outside of the brick-and-mortar building, this guide can be used to proactively set the stage for learning, or reactively problem-solve why a child may be struggling. In this book, you will learn the basic elements of instruction that will empower you to teach your child concepts using the most powerful research-based strategies proven to support all types of learners. This book is appropriate for anyone, teaching anything, to anybody of any age! 


It synthesizes SO much research about learning it felt like a master class.  I feel more prepared for this Fall with the boys, but also for teaching my own classes!....this is an impressive scholarly document, but it is also so respectful and loving towards parents, teachers, and learners. 

Shannon Herbert, Ph.D.
Mom, Associate Professor, English Santa Monica College

If you're trying to navigate the educational system - especially on your own throughout this pandemic - I highly recommend getting this Guide to make it easier. This is a must have!!

Stephanie Crider, M.S.
Mom, Student/Community Advocate
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Michelle Southward

If you are looking for supportive materials during these time, as a parent working in the same space as my children, this book is a good resource. I appreciated the personal context, outlines, suggestions, etc. that were provided throughout.

Teri Giannetti Giannetti

I was blessed to review SamWell’s book during the draft portion.
As an educator, I am truly impressed! I believe it will benefit many! Please read and share with others?

Sherry Gillespie

I have worked for many years with Renee Samuels. She is a professional in every sense of the word. She is intelligent, compassionate and very goal oriented. She is an outstanding teacher and parent and I love the way she made this a resource that is easy to understand AND extremely helpful. She breaks learning down step by step and provides strategies that are very useful. If you are a parent struggling with at home teaching, please take a look at this resource book. A definite must read!